Uni-SAF / Fujian Jinjian Jiahe Garments, was founded 30 years ago at an urban, history district of Fujian, named Jinjiang. It is about an hour driving from Xiamen Airport. The factory started business by Mr. Wang Sr. who started the mill business and the 2nd generations helped expanding and growing business to the garment sewing manufacturer.

Ten years ago, to focus production on high quality fire resistant racing suits, Uni-SAF joined venture with a group of high tech fire resistant fabric and accessories manufacturers in local and overseas in implementing innovation in fabrics, and garment construction. Thanks the support from our raw materials partners, experienced and detail oriented sewers, our team has expanded our service from racing to industrial safety sector. Now, we are assisting our worldwide customers to service their Petrochemical, Foundry industry and Electric Utility customers to provide the personal protective garments for the worker's safety.

With strict regulation from FiA and SFI in racing industry, we are applying our quality control and execute related standard to our industry safety garments. Our flame resistant, anti-flash fire, molten metal resistant products are compliance with EN531, EN-469, EN470-1, NFPA2112-2012, and 70E (ASTM F 1506) standards.

Throughout the company's history, we have made it a priority to lead the industry with technology advances that raise the bar for safety, durability and dependability. We never forgetting that wearer safety must be always the primary concern. Uni-SAF is proud of the flame resistant protective apparel we offered to the racing and industry safety market. Please advise if you have any questions or need additional information.

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